Winter ‘Flu and Norovirus

It seems nearly everyone I talk to these days has been struck down by the ‘flu or Norovirus, which is the winter vomiting bug.  It’s nasty and will keep you bed bound for 2-5 days.  Even, I got a touch of it this week and it made me realise how well I feel normally. Our Health really is our Wealth!  I got over it in about 36 hours by resting (which was the hard bit), drinking lots of water and upping my Juice Plus.  I also took Spirulina and some paracetamol in the form of UniFlu, which really helped.  Remember to have everyone in the house keep their hands clean, sneeze into tissues and then discard them and use alcohol rubs on hands, especially when going out.  But the best thing to do if you are sick, is to stay at home and rest and take the above.  Your work colleagues and friends will be glad you did, trust me!

Stay well!
Emma x